How Restaurant Technology Promotes Efficiency

Shu Chowdhury is a tech guru and avowed foodie. These two passions directly led to formation of SALIDO, a New York City-based firm that offers a cloud-based platform combining point of sale, CRM, advanced reports, labor management and kitchen supply management functions in a full-stack, one login system for restaurants. 
Last year, the company closed a $2 million strategic funding round led by restaurateur Phil Suarez, longtime partner of Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten and their restaurants Jean-George, ABC Kitchen, among others.
SALIDO processed more than $56 million in 2016, a 20-times growth in 11 months with approximately 3.4 million covers served by their restaurants. The platform is installed at By CHLOE,  Num Pang, ‘wichcraft, INDAY and Sushi on Jones as well as ABC Kitchen, Loring Place, Pasquale Jones, Cafe Luxembourg, Shuko and Kola House. SALIDO is negotiating with several 50+ unit quick service, casual, and fine dining operators and came to terms with a large retailer  putting restaurants in their flagship stores.
In this MRM News clip, Chowdhury discusses ways technology can help promote restaurant efficiency. 
Shu Chowdhury