How Restaurant Owners Can Use Audio Marketing

Audio is making a big comeback in the world of digital marketing. Why? The reason is simple. Over the last year, we have seen how much we rely on the ability to receive information at a fast pace and audio is the perfect on-the-go mode to make that happen for any business. So if your restaurant has been considering giving audio marketing a try – or you just want to learn more about it – here is a rundown of how and why using audio marketing can increase brand awareness for your eatery. 

What is Audio Marketing? 

Audio marketing is a flexible way of conveying a message to your audience with a personal touch. It offers the opportunity to add a more direct and unique approach to your messaging that you can’t get from scanning headlines, scrolling through articles and clicking past ads. By hearing the message directly from the source, there is no room for misinterpretation or confusion. Adding a literal voice to the brand creates a more intimate experience for the listener – something you can’t always achieve with words on a screen. 

There are many different examples of audio marketing platforms, such as Clubhouse – a drop in audio-chat social media platform that hosts virtual rooms for live discussions, with opportunities for individuals to participate through speaking and listening – or podcasts. In addition, many other social platforms, such as Facebook, are hopping on the audio bandwagon, making the marketing tool that much more appealing to business owners. 

Where Do You Begin?

Great audio marketing strategies begin with knowing who your audience is and if this tool is a good fit for them. Just because something is available for you to use, doesn’t mean you should. Taking a look back at your full marketing strategy and determining if this will expand your brand awareness or thought leadership is the first piece of the puzzle.

From there, some simple experimentation and finding the right stories to tell through spoken words and the right platform is the next step! For example, say you’re a coffee shop with customers who have become loyal to their morning brew and business meetings at your location. You could create a series of weekly business chats through a podcast or Clubhouse with local executives who discuss a range of topics over a cup of joe – positioning your company as a supporter of community business growth and a hot spot for good coffee and morning pastries.

Another example could be if you are a sports bar in a college town. You could host a postgame sports chat, inviting your team’s coaches and top players for an intimate discussion that’s broadcasted through both an audio room on Clubhouse and a live video on Facebook – combining the visual experience with the capability to listen from wherever you are. No paid radio required. Reaching potentially double or triple the amount of people you’d reach on an average game day. 

Why Should Restaurants be Using Audio Marketing? 

Here’s the reality: audio marketing isn’t for everyone or every business. Audio marketing combines two things consumers value today – it’s personal and it’s portable. These two qualities make it as easy as possible for your audience to digest your message and connect with you on a different level. 

It’s also a new frontier for restaurants and – as I like to say – the early bird catches the worm. Not many restaurants have adapted to this platform yet, so you have an opportunity to set your business apart by being a trailblazer. If you decide to be an early adapter, you are first in line for the audience, catching the eye of not only current customers – but new ones as well.

The simplicity and flexibility of audio is a huge advantage for growing an audience and portraying a message, specifically for restaurants. Pursuing this marketing tool strategically can help make a lot of noise for your business.