How COVID-19 Has Affected Restaurants (Infographic)

It’s not exactly a secret that COVID-19 has affected a number of industries. It has had a profound effect on our lives in such a short time, that it’s sometimes hard to imagine that things are going to go back to normal. Among industries that have suffered the most, leisure is surely at the top. Everyone from owners to busboys has felt the devastating effects the coronavirus has had on the economy. 

Not Many People Are Dining in Restaurants

Only a quarter of people have dined in a restaurant since the pandemic started back in March. More than half of consumers aren’t willing to go back to restaurants during the next year. Only 14 percent of people say they don’t worry about dining out once the vaccine becomes available. 

Even Fewer People Are Going On Vacation

Just a third of people have traveled and spent more than a night from home since March. More than half aren’t willing to travel or spend a night in a hotel in the foreseeable future. Less than a fifth of people are willing to travel to a destination with a low number of cases. 

Restaurant and Hotel Owners Are Not Prepared

Restaurant owners aren’t too optimistic about the future. 9 out of 10 expect their establishments to stay partially or fully closed for the next few months. Two-thirds of owners believe that it will take anywhere from three to 12 months before they can start working normally. 

And we’ve just scratched the surface. There are many more things, only a few are aware of, concerning the restaurant and leisure industry. If you want to know more about the effects of COVID-19 on restaurants, check the infographic below, courtesy of Kitchenall NYC