Garage Doors Drafted for Entertainment Complex

Which came first, the chicken or … the pickle? At the newest location for Chicken N Pickle® in Wichita, Kansas, the answer is: the garage doors.

Yes, garage doors. 

The unique indoor/outdoor entertainment complex features a sprawling setting with pickleball courts, a variety of yard games, a restaurant and sports bar. The casual dining restaurant was designed with an open-air concept — except when the weather turns bad.

That's where the garage doors come in.

Fourteen Haas Door Commercial Aluminum 320 garage doors were included in the structure design. The heavy-duty rust- and corrosion-resistant aluminum Cool Black garage doors feature an all-window design to maximize light flow into the restaurant.


“While closed, these garage doors do a great job of letting in enough light to keep the game rooms feeling open,” said Kellen Mumm, vice president of business development with Chicken N Pickle. “When the weather is nice outside it’s great to open them up to increase the flow of people from the inside to the outdoors. Haas Door garage doors with the tinted light gray glass are the perfect fit for the industrial chic look we want. They bring natural light into the interior space, which is a key to our restaurant experience.”

“Early on for this location we were involved with the owner, architect and general contractor to select and install garage doors that would enhance this property design,” said Lee Costello, commercial sales and project manager for Overhead Door Group, who did the install. “The Haas Door products add to the open environment of this structure.” 


With the “ups and downs” of the garage doors being a primary concern for the success of Chicken N Pickle, the team feels confident in the work supplied by Costello and his company. “From install to service, we’ve had a great experience with Overhead Door Group,” added Mumm. “These Haas Door garage doors are a great addition to our building.

“There’s no better way to easily open or close a 12-14 foot opening. It takes just 30 seconds for the garage doors to either open up and allow fresh air in the building, or to close up and keep everyone comfortable inside. With the weather we experience in Kansas, flexibility is the key. And the Haas Door garage doors put that flexibility at our fingertips.”