Fueling the Passion of Teamwork (Infographic)

FairKitchens, a social good iniatiative from Unilever Food Solutions, provides restaurants with top five simple values designed to create happier, healthier workforces. FairKitchens aims to  tackle toxic issues and create more sustainable restaurant work environments. 

Ultimately, FairKitchens' goal is to create happier, healthier restaurant workplaces for workers which in turn impact employee retention and growth.

The five tips that operators and chefs can reinforce with their staff from FairKitchens code of conduct are:
1. Talk openly: Speak out when we have something to say, make sure others do the same.
2. Excite passion: Train, mentor and inspire the next generation. Fuel their flame.
3. Act as one: No matter ethnicity, gender or religion, share the same goal. Respect each other, hold back from abuse and ask "Are you ok?" if we think someone’s not.
4. Make time: Make time for breaks – for fresh air and daylight. Rest, relax and recharge where we can.
5. Say good job: When one of us does a good job, say it because a pat on the back can make their day. 
FairKitchens is prompting chefs, owners and restaurant staff to sign the 'pledge' to work to become a FairKitchen, which is free and will offer content, tips and reminders to all pledges of the movement.