Franchising the Green Wave (Podcast)

In this episode of The Main Course host Barbara Castiglia learns about Cheba Hut, the first marijuana-themed sandwich “joint” from Seth Larsen, Chief Relationship Officer. They discuss the fast casual’s  franchise operations, the impact of the pandemic, and how marijuana legalization is changing the company’s plans for growth.

With a focus on fresh food and incredible service, Cheba Hut has thirty-five locations across twelve states. Larsen points to a ‘green wave’ during the last twenty years that has made marijuana and marijuana culture more palatable to consumers. While there has been some pushback on the theme over the years, Larsen notes the company’s successes with converting customers who might be uncomfortable initially.

When it comes to finding the right franchisees and expanding their locations, Cheba Hut focuses on values. “We really put our franchisees up to our core values. We have the hustle, show respect, own it, pay it forward, and keep it real. Nice and simple,” Larsen said. “That’s made it really easy for us to identify who’s going to be a good fit.”

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