Food Industry Snapshot (Infographic)

The restaurant industry has experienced a rough patch over the last few years, but off-premises catering has proven to be a bright spot. 
The restaurant industry is a $606 billion market, so it may be a surprise to know that independent restaurants are facing challenges. While this group makes up 64 percent of all restaurants, they only generate 40 percent of the revenue. On the other hand, chains, which make up only 36 percent of restaurants, make up 60 percent of this revenue.
For independent restaurants striving to keep their doors open to chains continuing the momentum, off-premises catering is an effective way to not only market your restaurant, but also bring in a steady new stream of revenue. Today, 44 percent of all restaurant sales are from off-premises orders and while overall restaurant industry growth is expected to grow approximately 3 percent through 2019, off-premises channels are nearly doubling that (5.6 percent growth).