Flexible Tech and Restaurants (Podcast)

In this episode of The Main Course we discuss restaurant technology, which has been a lifeline for many businesses the past year allowing them to pivot and stay afloat. Host Barbara Castiglia spoke with Chris Adams, VP of Strategy Food & Beverage at Oracle, on some success stories and trends to watch. 

“Outback was predominantly a table service experience,” said Adams. “They had shifted to some new technology around takeout. In just a few weeks, our partners and we were able to get a curbside ordering and payment solution in place and help them get in with delivery aggregators.

In looking at the future, Adams thinks the key word is flexibility. “Consumers want the flexibility of ordering how they want and getting food how they want. That’s not going away.”

He also predicts that the design of restaurants will follow the flexibility theme. “We’ll see more drive-thrus from brands that never did it before. Better mobile experiences, and smaller in dining footprints.”

The company will showcase its technology strategies during Oracle Food and Beverage Virtual Connect, April 27-29. For more information, click here

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