Five Ways to Make Your Brand More Social Media Friendly

In the digital age where the world revolves around social media, an increasing amount of value is being placed on online ‘aesthetic’ and the number of followers and likes a brand has. As a result, brands are seeing their online presence has a significantimpact on their bottom line and are seeking methods to appeal to consumers in today’s "selfie-culture."

In the era of the “influencer,” celebrities are no longer the only ones with credibility. Today, consumers are often looking to popular vloggers, influencers and passionate photographers across the nation for not only aesthetic pleasure, but as a means to discover popular places to eat, clothes to buy and destinations for travel. 

In effort to attract these virtual marketers, brands across the nation are working to better their brand aesthetic, designing their stores with purposeful interior, attractive décor and unique characteristics to attract influencers from all across the world. For brands who may now just be entering the social media and brand aesthetic space, have no fear. The below tips can help guide you into creating a more ‘Instagram worthy’ brand. 

Create an Atmosphere 

Is your food simple, sleek and modern, or tropical, bright and colorful? To establish an aesthetically pleasing and cohesive atmosphere, build a brand ambiance that matches the look and feel of the food you serve.


For example, Woops!, a New York-based bakery chain specializing in macarons and other international pastries, designs their bakeries to be reminiscent of the brand’s European roots. Composed of calming and clean décor, with light, pastel colors reflecting the delectable French macarons and pastries served in-stores, Woops! charming treats and pleasant interior attracts influencers, vloggers and bloggers alike.   

Set the Scene 

Attract influencers from across the nation by creating unique features that make for a picture perfect photo opportunity. Standout characteristics like a bright neon sign or an indoor swing offers a one-of-a-kind photo opportunity influencers can’t find anywhere else. 


Urban Bricks, a fast-casual chain serving build-your-own pizza, pasta, paninis and salad, highlights the brand’s dedication to their craft with lime green brick ovens that garners the attention of foodies nationwide. The brand also features a pizza angel wing mural, offering foodie-influencers the perfect photo opportunity unique to the brand alone. With exclusive and elite attributes, influencers will travel from high and low specifically for the characteristics that can only be found at your place of business. 

Capitalize on Unique Features

A simple way to start making your brand more social media friendly is through capitalizing on unique fixtures already in your restaurant. Have an ice cream concept? Embellish your ice cream creations with over-the-top toppings or establish eye-catching ways to create each item.


For example, Creamistry, an Irvine, California-based franchise that serves made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream using all natural and organic ingredients, dresses up a classic concept through the creation of unique and delicious menu items such as a Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream Sandwich. The brand makes ice cream fun by offering a highly visual and eye-catching experience with its liquid nitrogen approach to crafting ice cream. With different holiday-themed creations being served throughout the year, Creamistry takes the simple concept of ice cream to the next level.

Create a Signature Item

A surefire way to get customers and influencers in the door is through creating a one-of-a-kind, signature item that can’t be found anywhere else. Take a good look at your restaurant concept and find at least one item (or create a new one) that can be transformed into a unique and highly original idea.


For example, Pokéworks, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing poke brands offering guest an authentic taste of the islands, found its way to fame with the creation of the Poke burrito. With vibrant colors and noteworthy ingredients, the concept recently went viral, attracting influencers, blogger and videographers to Pokéworks across the nation to capture this now famous burrito.   

Incorporate Branding

Lastly, regardless of whether your business is already booming in the social media space or is just getting started, ensure branding can be found in every photo or video an influencer or customer may take. Make sure noteworthy items guaranteed to capture the attention of influencers contain large, front and center branding and messaging to ensure it makes the photo cut.


For example, Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop, an award-winning national franchise restaurant chain that remains true to its 40-year tradition of slow-roasting whole, all-natural turkeys in-house every day, works to incorporate branding into every facet that meets the customers eyes. Whether it be the signature brick wall with Capriotti’s written in large font, or the napkins, bags and sandwich wraps filled with the brand’s name and logo, Capriotti’s doesn’t miss a beat. The more branding found in your establishment, the more likely the company name or logo will make it into the photo or video. 

In the midst of this marketing revolution, using these updated tactics to catch the attention of influencer and consumers alike can make a significant financial impact on your business. Try incorporating these tips today to see what the digital space holds for the future of your business.