F&B Brand App Growth (Infographic)

Today’s restaurant brands have to bridge the physical and digital divide, providing quality food and customer service while also meeting the needs of a digital-first world. When it comes to evaluating their mobile apps, a recent study by Digital Turbine and Apptopia put a spotlight on apps across a variety of categories, including Food and Drink, to show how these apps performed relative to their brand strength.

For the first time, the Brand-Relative App Growth (BRAG) Index measured which food and drink brands lead the pack in app installs relative to their brand strength – or rather, their user growth potential. The result was a revelation of which brands transcended expectations and went beyond their growth potential, including many lesser known brands that outperformed their brand funnel. The BRAG Index will continue to revisit app performance over time. While we wait until July to find out how brands actually performed in terms of app installs, the growth potential was captured in a consumer survey conducted in April at the beginning of the quarter. 

This infographic, called the BRAG Index Brand Insights, provides a precursor to next quarter's BRAG Index by letting you know several insights — not only growth potential, but category interest, brand favorability, and even which apps to watch in Food and Drink this quarter. Want to see how other categories did? The five infographics across the app categories measured show some surprising results.