Extreme Front of the House Makeover: Less Downtime and Expense

Remodeling a restaurant is not only a big expense but can also lead to downtime when you can least afford it. According to a 2017 Restaurant Owners survey, fitting out a 1,000-square-foot bar and commercial kitchen, including equipment like burners and espresso machines, carries an average cost of about $75,000, or $80 per square foot, which can vary by market.
Experienced designers know that there are tips, tricks and products that can get your restaurant up and running more quickly while reducing expenses and waste, says Peter Elliott, 3M global business development manager. Here are refresh and remodel solutions that can save time and money.

Don’t Replace Your Countertop — Cover It

What if you could take that tired lunch counter and replace it with rich and elegant stone or other modern-looking materials? While marble or slate might be pricey, 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural Finish film comes in 17 different stone designs.

When paired with a protective overlaminate, you can get the same look as expensive marble or granite with durability that will last. Best of all, your installation may be done in a day or two, making your time lost to remodeling a fraction of the weeks it might otherwise take.

3M is constantly creating new films with trending styles. “We send a full design team and product development team to a very important show in Italy, Milan Design Week. The team studies the latest trends and then we build our extended line based on those trends,” Elliott said.

Say “So Long” to Tile

The cost of a single tile can range from $2 to $100 — and you may need 2,000 of them to refinish a wall, floor or bathroom. And anyone who has ever ripped out tile to replace it with new tile knows what a messy, time-consuming and costly job it is.

3M offers a wide range of film solutions that can be applied directly over tile and grout in just hours. Want to switch from a tile wall to the warm look of wood, glamorous metallic accents or a pop of color that reinforces your brand? Does your laminate flooring need a fresh new look? 3M has a wide range of options for renovation, whether you want to carry through your branding or create a fresh new finish.

Choose Wall Coverings That “Wow”

Paint is an inexpensive option to transform a restaurant’s look, but it might require several coats and time to air out fumes. Rather than painting, you can resurface the walls with different film textures, colors and styles to drastically transform your space in days versus weeks. This alternative option reduces downtime, saves money and provides an updated look. Vinyl films can be used for walls, countertops and other areas, as well as windows to control light and provide additional security, Elliott noted.

Cover Your Cabinets

Remodeling often includes replacing cabinetry and built-in architectural features. The carpentry costs, inconvenience and time required for such a transformation may be prohibitive for many restaurants, but 3M films let you change the wood finish or transform cabinets to solid colors, stone or abstract finishes.

Virtually every area of your restaurant can be refinished with films instead of costly alternatives. Saving money on surface finishes and films may allow you to allocate more of your budget to replacing equipment — perhaps replacing an old commercial griddle or a buying a new oven and hood. Choosing more economical options like vinyl films can help you make smart decisions about where to invest.

For inspiration, check out this before-and-after.