Winter Wellness Series

The James Beard Foundation is launching a Winter Wellness Series with virtual events offered throughout January and February, and we wanted to ensure these programs were on your radar. Chefs and other industry professionals can refresh and rejuvenate for 2024, and learn the many ways of taking care of themselves and others that they can implement in their work. 


Stretching for Strength: Preventing and Treating Industry Body Pains  

January 22 | Noon

This workshop-style webinar will be hosted by Meredith Powell of Orange Door Fund, demonstrating stretching, mobility, and breathing exercises to ease the pains of a physically demanding workday in the kitchen. 

Food as Fuel: Eating for Wellness

January 29 | Noon

This webinar will be hosted by Elena Terry of Wild Bearies and will explore the power of food as a medicine, ranging from the nourishment of individuals to the health and healing of entire communities. 

Herbalism 101: Nature’s Guide to Well-being 

February 5 | Noon

Hosted by herbalist Adrian Lipscombe, participants can enjoy a demonstration of how they can use plants for healing purposes that they can then recreate at home. Adrian will also explain the different methods of herbalism, and day-to-day implementations. 

Mind Does Matter: Managing Your Mental Health with Southern Smoke Foundation 

February 12 | Noon

The focus of this webinar, hosted by the Southern Smoke Foundation, will be on mental health, where participants will learn about the various resources for themselves and staff.

Bringing it Home: How to Implement Wellness Practices in Your Restaurant  

February 19 | Noon

This webinar will be hosted by chef-owners, Katie Button from Cúrate, La Bodega, and Fiore Tedesco from L’Oca d’Oro where they will discuss the different programs and variations in their restaurants for staff wellness and its importance.