Taste America TasteTwenty 2024-2025 Lineup

The James Beard Foundation® announces the 2024-2025 lineup of exciting TasteTwenty chefs, an annual selection of “ones to watch” in the industry—who will be highlighted over the course of the national Taste America series, presented by Capital One, held across 20 U.S. cities. Through the TasteTwenty, the Foundation is recognizing some of the industry’s finest talent and changemakers—known for demonstrating culinary excellence, as well as their impact uniquely leading the industry forward on and off the plate. Taste America events will launch in New York City on Wednesday, July 24, with all 2024-2025 TasteTwenty chefs in attendance, representing the James Beard Foundation’s mission of Good Food for Good® and showcasing their cooking through delicious bites. 

Launching in July 2024 and running through March 2025, this year’s series expands to include 10 major walk-around tastings with food and beverage stations from a TasteTwenty host chef and local guest chefs, as well as 10 pop-dinners featuring a one-of-a-kind, multi-course menu with wine pairings and cocktails. Menus at all events promise a delectable evening benefiting the Foundation's industry-focused mission and programs. Over the course of the series, Taste America will highlight over 100 leading chefs, celebrate the richness and diversity of local food culture, and offer participants a window into the tastes and traditions shaping American food today.

Each special event hosted by a TasteTwenty chef in their home city will celebrate the positive impact chefs have in their communities and industry at-large. From investing in their workers to supporting sustainable agriculture, showcasing quality ingredients or using their restaurant as a platform to advocate for meaningful change, and more–this year’s cohort of chefs are leaders helping to shape the future of the independent restaurant industry.

Presenting the 2024-2025 cohort of TasteTwenty chefs: 

  • James Beard Award Nominee Omar Anani, Saffron De Twah, Detroit, MI

  • James Beard Award Nominee Janet Becerra, Pancita, Seattle, WA 

  • James Beard Award Nominee Valerie Chang, Maty's, Miami, FL

  • James Beard Award Nominee, Emmanuel Chavez, Tatemó, Houston, TX

  • Marissa Caruana, Linger, Denver, CO

  • Lena Ciardullo, Union Square Cafe, New York, NY

  • Raúl Correa, Bacoa Finca & Fogón, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • JBF Chef Bootcamp alum Nelson German, alaMar Dominican Kitchen and Sobre Mesa Afro-Latin Cocktail Lounge, Oakland, CA  

  • James Beard Award Semifinalist, Jerome Grant, Mahal BBQ, Washington D.C. 

  • James Beard Award Semifinalist Donald Hawk, Valentine, Phoenix, AZ

  • James Beard Award Nominee, Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya Lord, Los Angeles, CA

  • Silver Iocovozzi, Neng Jr,’s, Asheville, NC

  • Geronimo Lopez, BOTIKA, San Antonio, TX

  • James Beard Award Nominee and JBF Chef Bootcamp alum, Katy Millard, Coquine, Portland, OR

  • James Beard Award Nominee Serigne Mbaye, Dakar NOLA, New Orleans, LA

  • Margaret Pak, Thattu, Chicago, IL 

  • James Beard Award Nominee Cassie Piuma, Sarma, Boston, MA

  • James Beard Award Semifinalist Randy Rucker, River Twice, Philadelphia, PA

  • Fernando Ruiz, Escondido, Santa Fe, NM

  • James Beard Award Semifinalist Mailea Weger, Lou, Nashville, TN

Presenting the 2024-2025 lineup of cities:

Summer 2024

July 24 Walk Around Tasting: New York City, NY  

  • Feat. the full lineup of TasteTwenty chefs; hosted by NYC TasteTwenty Chef Lena Ciardullo, Union Square Cafe

August 6 Walk Around Tasting: Los Angeles, CA 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Lord Maynard Llera, Kuya Lord

August 21 Pop-Up Dinner: Asheville, NC 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Silver Iocovozzi, Neng Jr,’s

Dates To Be Announced

September 2024 

Walk Around Tasting: Houston, TX

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Emmanuel Chavez, Tatemó\

Pop-Up Dinner: Washington, D.C.  

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Jerome Grant, Mahal BBQ 

Walk Around Tasting: Portland, OR

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Katy Millard, Coquine   

October 2024

Pop-Up Dinner: Miami, FL

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Valerie Chang, Maty's

Walk Around Tasting: New Orleans, LA  

  • Feat.TasteTwenty Chef Serigne Mbay, Dakar NOLA 

Walk Around Tasting: Seattle, WA 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Janet Becerra, Pancita 

November 2024

Pop-Up Dinner: Denver, CO 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Marissa Caruana, Linger 

Pop-Up Dinner: Santa Fe, NM

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Fernando Ruiz, Escondido 

February 2025

Walk Around Tasting: Boston, MA 

  • feat. TasteTwenty Chef Cassie Piuma, Sarma 

Pop-Up Dinner: Phoenix, AZ 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Donald Hawk, Valentine 

Pop-Up Dinner: Detroit, MI 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Omar Anani, Saffron De Twah 

Walk Around Tasting: San Francisco, CA 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Nelson German, alaMar Dominican Kitchen and Sobre Mesa Afro-Latin Cocktail Lounge 

Walk Around Tasting: Nashville, TN 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Mailea Weger, Lou 

March 2025

Pop-Up Dinner: Chicago, IL  

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Margaret Pak, Thattu 

Pop-Up Dinner: San Antonio, TX 

  • Feat.  TasteTwenty Chef Geronimo Lopez, BOTIKA

Pop-Up Dinner: San Juan, PR 

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Raúl Correa, Bacoa Finca & Fogón

Walk Around Tasting: Philadelphia, PA  

  • Feat. TasteTwenty Chef Randy Rucker, River Twice 

The series will kick off in New York City on Wednesday, July 24 with a walk-around tasting open to the public at Tribeca 360°, featuring mouthwatering food and beverage stations from the entire lineup of TasteTwenty chefs. The afternoon prior, the TasteTwenty will also come together for a dedicated James Beard Foundation advocacy training session, in support of a more sustainable and equitable future for the food system.

Attending a Taste America event will be a special opportunity to become part of the Foundation’s vibrant and constantly growing national culinary community, comprising food lovers and industry professionals alike. Proceeds from Taste America events benefit the James Beard Foundation’s national impact programming in support of equity, sustainability, women’s leadership, and a future where all can thrive for the culinary industry and beyond. 

Tickets for Taste America events taking place this summer are now on sale for the New York tasting (Wednesday, July 24); Los Angeles tasting (Tuesday, August 6); and Asheville, NC dinner (Wednesday, August 21). For more information visit, jamesbeard.org/tasteamerica.