Reset the Table

New Digital Destination Aims to Empower Females in Foodservice

Reset the Table, a new digital platform designed to empower females with the knowledge and tools they need to advance their careers in foodservice, launched on National Women’s Equality Day on August 26.

Reset the Table is a community of like-minded organizations united to help women through a one-stop shop for resources and tools to become a force for positive change.

  • Business Support– Use these to tools and resources to help you expand your business and grow your career
  • Foodservice Events– Explore dozens of industry conferences, trade shows and networking events, and seize the opportunity to receive guest passes to the select events
  • Job Opportunities– With the Culinary Agentscontinually updated job board, you can search the hottest industry job openings as well as tips and resources to advance your career
  • Industry Spotlights– From trailblazing chefs to award-winning food writers, learn from the experiences of inspiring women who continue to advocate for positive change in our industry
  • Media Support – Explore the top foodservice media resources and how they can help you elevate your presence in our industry.
  • Industry News– Stay abreast of the latest news and industry headlines with this curated collection of articles highlighting gender equality in foodservice.

Reset the Table is a Common Ground Initiative Championed by The Food Group (TFG). Common Ground was created to support a Sustainable Development Goals Program. Of the seventeen goals, Sustainable Development Goal 5 (SDG 5)is all about ensuring gender equality and empowering women and girls everywhere.Each WPP agency is working on a gender equality related cause that is meaningful to them—all with a common goal of eliminating gender inequality by 2030. As a WPP agency that specializes in food and drink, The Food Group immediately recognized the opportunity to address gender equality within the foodservice industry.

“We want to help women overcome common challenges so that they can focus on what’s important. The impact of gender equality spans many issues from industry advancement due to financing and opportunity, to healthcare and paid parental leave,” said Mark Cotter, CEO, The Food Group. “We’ve identified like-minded organizations to help us create an industry resource we hope will empower women to take risks and further their careers. As an industry, we need to work together to facilitate real change and support females throughout foodservice.”

Together, it’s time to reset the table. To learn more, visit www.ResettheTable.comor contact