IARD Launches Responsible Service of Beverage Alcohol

Leading global beer, wine, and spirits companies that form the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) have launched new resources  Responsible Retailing of Beverage Alcohol and Responsible Service of Beverage Alcohol. These free open-source tools are designed to support in-store retail staff and hospitality sector staff who sell alcohol to do so in the right way. A core element of selling alcohol lawfully and responsibly is ensuring staff are empowered to deny sale when necessary.

These new resources are part of IARDs ongoing global partnership work to enhance safeguards and uphold the highest standards of responsible business practices to help reduce harmful drinking. 

The online courses focus specifically on:

  • The importance of verifying a customer's age and sobriety during in-store purchases.
  • The consequences of selling alcohol to those underage and intoxicated people.
  • Communication techniques to handle difficult situations.
  • Methods server staff can use to better promote and support responsible choices.
  •  Advice on appropriate ways to respond if server staff are asked directly for drinking advice.

The resources are available in several languages to help retail and hospitality sector staff across the globe sell alcohol in the right way, and to deny sale where necessary.  IARD member companies are united with a clear mission: to prevent underage drinking and reduce harmful use of alcohol.

These resources are part of IARD's growing suite of tools to help retailers and hospitality venues ensure that alcohol is not purchased by those under legal purchase age or those that are intoxicated. Materials recently launched include a resource for frontline delivery agents for online sales and delivery of alcohol, and employee engagement with workplace alcohol policies will follow later this year.