Eco-Friendly Wedding Catering Tips (Infographic)

Sustainability has become a popular trend in the wedding and event industry. An average wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage – and a large amount of this waste comes from the catering

As couples become more eco-conscious, they look to vendors who can help them cut down on waste and reduce their celebration’s carbon footprint. As a caterer, having eco-friendly options for your business can help you build relationships and get more customers, all while limiting your company’s own impact on the environment. 

While becoming an eco-friendly business may seem daunting, going green doesn’t have to be hard. Check out these tips to learn how your catering company can adopt sustainable business practices while providing great customer service. 

1. Buy Local Ingredients 

Ditch large manufacturers in favor of local farmers to support your local community and cut down on carbon emissions. You’ll help reduce waste by limiting transportation and cutting down on greenhouse gases produced by factory farms. Utilizing your local farmers and growers also encourages eco-friendly business practices in your community by providing a revenue stream to these small businesses. 

2. Serve a Seasonal Menu 

Rather than always serving the same menu, try switching up your dishes each season. Using seasonal fruits and vegetables reduces production costs and energy. While local farms can grow produce out of season, it is harsher on the environment and more expensive. Offering a seasonal menu also lets food stay on theme. 

3. Suggest a Vegan or Vegetarian Option

Design your menu offerings to include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options so you never lose a customer over dietary restrictions. Rather than having to come up with a dish on the fly, being able to show a potential couple that you already have dishes with these dietary restrictions available will go a long way if they are seeking an eco-friendly vendor. Plus, reducing the amount of meat in your dishes can convince couples who aren’t vegetarians or vegans to adopt more environmentally friendly eating habits. 

4. Feature a Beverage Station 

Invest in reusable beverage dispensers to reduce your need for single-use plastics. Ditch the bottled water and soda cans and set up a beverage station instead. You can get creative with your beverage station offerings with beverages such as infused tea or lemonade. 

5. Reduce Food Waste

Come up with a plan for the end of the evening that doesn’t have leftovers ending up in a landfill. Consider composting leftover food scraps and other compostable items. You can also provide leftover boxes to encourage wedding guests to take food home with them, or donate the food to a local shelter to help feed the hungry. 

6. Use Sustainable Serveware 

Replace your single-use plastics with reusable or biodegradable serveware. Reusable tableware, such as glass or porcelain, can help elevate your catering service. For more casual affairs, provide a biodegradable option such as bamboo, wood, or paper to help reduce your waste. 

7. Buy Energy Efficient Equipment

You can save energy, money, and protect the climate with energy efficient kitchen equipment. This equipment is designed to save you money in utility bills, and protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You should also conduct regular kitchen equipment maintenance because when equipment is dirty or running slow, it can increase your energy usage. Find out more how catering supplies have transformed in 2019. 

Going green is good for business. Increase your catering sales while also protecting the environment by adopting eco-friendly practices into your business model. You can learn more about how to make your restaurant more sustainable