Dos Toros: Cashless in the City

When Dos Toros open its newest location on 555 8th Avenue in New York City this week there will be one thing missing: cash.

The brand’s 14th New York location and 15th overall, including Chicago will be the first location to open using a cashless payment system from the get-go.

Co-CEO Leo Kremer told Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine they made the cashless decision to provide a better experience for both guests and teammates.

“We’ve been rolling out cashless check-out to most of our locations since October. Since the Garment District location is the first to open since we’ve made this process change, we felt it made sense to just open cashless from day one. This neighborhood is known for being business and commuter heavy, so we know how important it is to have efficient yet crave-worthy lunch options.”

He added: “By eliminating cash at check-out, we’re able to noticeably decrease the amount of time our guests have to wait in line. At the same time, we’re able to free up our managers from spending hours in the back counting change, and instead be coaching their team and connecting with guests. Not to mention, it’s safer for everyone to not have any cash on-site.

He said the response has been encouraging.

“From our first few months of rolling out cashless, we’re seeing our rush hour lunch lines moving with no friction, and only a few complaints from customers – in fact, the vast majority don’t even notice. With this change, we’re truly able to have our leaders focus on what matters most – delighting guests, serving delicious food, and leading our team.”

This newest expansion will include new interior structures, such as furnishings and finishes that use an updated color palette featuring lighter wood aesthetics, cacti lining the shelves, and rustic black and white photos of the Mission taquerias from California that inspired Dos Toros in the first place. The location will have 32 seats for eat-in dining and will maintain the same great fast-casual dining experience for customers.
“Lunch is an important ‘refuel’ moment in the day, so we always want to make sure our food provides the proper nourishment for our guests. We are committed to being thoughtful in the way our food is sourced, prepared, cooked and served,” said Oliver Kremer, Co-CEO of Dos Toros.
“Coming from the West Coast, we know the West side can sometimes be overlooked, added Leo Kremer. “We felt that a store between Penn Station and Port Authority could be a great addition for those who work or live in the area. We’re hopeful our fresh cooking and elevated dining setting will give the Garment District another great lunch and dinner option to frequent.”
He added that the brand plans to go cashless at every location.
“This is the first of a handful of changes we’re making in restaurant operations and technology that will improve workflow for our team and, in turn, the guest experience. It’s the way of the future.”