Don’t Lose Easy Money: The Quick Way to Make Sure You’re Mobile Friendly and Maximize Restaurant Sales

Did you know 70 percent of internet traffic comes from mobile devices?  It’s critical your website is optimized for mobile to maximize restaurant sales.

Follow this quick and simple guide to check if you’re mobile friendly and make sure easy revenue isn’t slipping through your fingers. Are you sure that your website is mobile friendly to meet the demands of the majority of your customers? It might surprise you how often restaurant websites don’t cut the mustard for mobile users. 

Bottom line, if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re losing money.

In fact, restaurant marketing experts Placepull say “Many of our restaurant owning customers are often shocked to find out that thousands of potential customers turned away from their website because they couldn’t easily read it on mobile. If you want to make sure you’re maximizing restaurant revenue opportunities, this should absolutely be the first thing you take care of.”

Bottom line, if you’re not mobile friendly, you’re losing money. Get started here today and make sure you’re doing all you can to increase restaurant sales. 

Ask Google to Check Your Website

Google has a great tool they’ve called their Mobile-Friendly Test. Simply enter your website address and click “Test URL."  In just a few moments it’ll analyze your website and determine whether it’s optimized for mobile users.  You’ll either pass or fail and understand the results to be on track for increasing your restaurant sales. 

Good – You Passed

Congratulations, your website is easily accessible to the 75 percent of people who look up restaurants on their mobile (according to Restaurant SMS Marketing). You might want to check some other pages from your website to be sure, but in general, just your homepage should be enough for Google to figure out if you’re mobile friendly.

You are now free to focus on other things knowing your website is doing everything to maximize your restaurant revenue. 


Not So Good – You Failed

Don’t feel too bad, according to Food Tech Connect, the vast majority of independent restaurants do not have mobile optimized websites. It’ll be the case especially if your website is more than a few years old. Luckily the fixes are usually pretty simple:

  • Making the text bigger and more readable
  • Having buttons that can be easily touched on the screen
  • Making sure the content stays within the screen width
  • Ensuring your website recognizes the searcher is coming from a mobile device
  • Making sure the links aren’t too small or close together

In any case, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test should walk you through what needs to be improved. In rare cases you might need to contact your website developer. Even so, it should still be quite straightforward, and well worth it in the long run to ensure you’re maximizing your restaurant revenue. 


This is a super simple and very quick way to make sure you’re getting every customer you can to check out your website and menu. Jump onto Google’s tool and see how your website stacks up. If you pass, you can rest assured you’re getting all the customers possible through your website. If you fail, you can easily fix the problems to ensure you are on track to maximize your restaurant revenue ASAP.