Digital Ordering Scores with Customers (Infographic)

Ninety-eight percent of consumers used digital ordering in some form in the last 18 months and 70 percent prefer to order digitally over in-person, according to results from a customer ordering preferences survey from Koala. The survey of more than 600 American consumers ages 18+ revealed similarities in preferred ordering mediums, indicating a profound dependence on convenience. 

Among the key findings: 

  • 70 percent of people surveyed prefer to order digitally over in-person.
  • When ordering digitally on-site, 80 percent of those surveyed prefer to use a personal device to order over restaurant provided devices.
    When ordering digitally in general, 66 percent of people prefer to use their mobile phone as a medium.
  • When ordering from a mobile phone, 62 percent of people are drawn to rewards programs. Nearly 50 percent of respondents are drawn to reduced wait times and previously saved orders. 
  • 77 percent of people choosing an online ordering system, kiosk, or mobile app cited convenience as the primary reason.

"The profound shift to digital we’ve seen in order-ahead and delivery over the last 18 months is visible on-site as well, with 70 percent of survey respondents preferring to order via a device versus from a human when in a restaurant.” said Nat Trienens, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Koala. "As brands invest in their digital ecosystem, it’s important they consider the on-site experience alongside order ahead and delivery. That on-site, digital offering needs to meet consumer expectations of being accessible on their own device, easy to use, and integrated with the loyalty and rewards program. " 

The findings also revealed that of the consumers that prefer to order in-person, 71 percent prefer to do so because of the ability to ask questions about the menu. As digital menus become more advanced the need to ask questions will diminish, which may lead to even more consumers preferring digital ordering.