De-Stressing from Restaurant Work Distress

Restaurant work is stressful. When you add in long hours on your feet, impossibly tough deadlines such as serving a perfect, sumptuous meal and in many cases, dealing with picky customers you can feel a high level of stress. It’s well known that front and back of the house positions are some of the most stressful jobs in any industry. Add in social media criticisms to the already high-anxiety jobs in restaurants and you end up with perfect storm for stress.

So how do you cope?

Stress is a killer – and Yoga has proven benefits including stress-busting and serenity, making Yoga on the job possibly just what you need. Modern technology offers great stress busting tools for people on the go with little time to spare.

De-Stress Tips
  1. Do a simple stretch every morning before you start your day. Use the link below, to start your Yoga practice and then add on new moves, week by week.
  2. Take ten minutes to meditate. Also on Grokker discover fast and simple meditation techniques. Meditation is proven to actually grow the part of your brain called the Cortex, the center for focus, intelligence and more. With a daily practice, you will soon feel less stress and more focused and eager to start your day.
  3. Everyone needs to get rest. Especially in the restaurant business, which often calls for off-kilter shift work, it’s important to get seven to eight hours of sleep if possible.
  4. Laugh it off. Laughter is a great stress buster, and nothing is really a matter of life and death, so sometimes you just have to laugh. Socializing with your friends at work and laughing about the worktime chaos will take the load off.

To help get you started, check out this free quick yoga stretch designed with restaurant workers in mind.

Rocky Heron, Grokker expert
Rocky Heron, Grokker expert