Data and the Guest Experience (Podcast)

The importance of restaurant data is the focus of this episode of The Main Course. Covering everything from revenue to insights on the waitlist, data can give important information about how a restaurant is performing and how they are improving the guest experience.

Mike Vichich, the Co-Founder and CEO of Wisely, discusses empowering brands to say goodbye to transactions and hello to customers. Wisely brings everything you know about each customer to every interaction— from how guests are greeted at the door to how they’re personally invited back across marketing channels.

Vichich’s background is in the front of the house. Starting as a server in high school and college, he learned very quickly how important it is to deliver a great guest experience. These experiences meant more than good feelings for servers, as it often came to dollars and cents.

But, it was also about building authentic relationships with the guests. These insights would be helpful when he moved into the corporate world, as one of his first positions involved customer acquisition and retention, which involved a lot of analytical work. The brands that he worked with were getting sophisticated with how they were interacting with customers. This involved using all the data at their disposal to better their experience at every touchpoint.

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