Consider Repair Before Replacing Your Restaurant’s Digital Devices

Although many restaurant owners think their best bet is to buy new digital devices when their current gadgets aren’t working properly, repairing often makes far more sense. So before you follow that immediate knee-jerk reaction to replace your tablets, smartphones, and other devices, keep in mind several advantages of repairing over replacing.

You’ll Save Money

Repairing a device will often cost far less than buying a brand new one—and that can add up when your restaurant has invested in multiple devices. This is especially true of models that have been on the market for a while. The longer a device has been out there, the less expensive its parts will cost. That typically makes repairs more economical than investing in new gadgets.

You’ll Save Time And Eliminate Hassle

 It can be a real headache to go through the process of ordering new devices and training your staff to use them if they’re not precisely the same as your old devices. And when you replace devices, you need to upload all of the apps you had on them. That requires excavating all the usernames and passwords for those apps, so you can log into them from your new devices. 

But if you instead repair your existing devices, chances are a repair professional can maintain all of the apps you’ve uploaded on them. That means you won’t have to go through the painstaking process of re-establishing every app you use to help your business operate smoothly.

You Won’t Lose Your Data

Unless you or your employees have been diligent in backing up your gadgets’ data, you’re out of luck when you ditch the old devices for new ones. As a repair professional, I’m astounded at how many businesses don’t properly back up their devices’ data. Because most times technicians can preserve data when repairing digital devices, choosing the repair route over getting new devices makes a lot of sense for most businesses.

You’ll Do Right By The Environment

Is your restaurant is looking for ideas on how to operate in more eco-friendly ways? Then choose to repair rather than replace your digital devices. Disposal of gadgets can leave a toxic imprint on the environment. Their circuit boards, liquid crystal displays, and batteries may contain toxic metals, and the plastic in devices may contain brominated flame retardants that will linger in the ecosystem. Other negative effects have also been detected. By repairing your devices instead of throwing them away, you’ll help keep these risks at bay. And when it is time to say “goodbye” to devices, make sure you seek the help of an authorized recycler who will reclaim reusable components and dispose of the gadgets properly.

There comes a time when all devices need to be replaced, but why go to the expense and effort before you really need to? Repairing your restaurant’s digital gadgets can deliver a better return on your technology investments, save you time, and help you run a more eco-conscious business. The next time you have a device that has had a mishap or is not performing as it should, consider consulting a trusted repair professional to find out if repairing it will be a better option than putting it to rest.