Choosing the Right Ice for Your Cocktails

Cocktail experience is one of the many reasons your customers return repeatedly. There is a lot to consider when selecting the perfect ice type like nugget, sphere, squared, crescent, and many more. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the ice demand. Everyone relies on high quality, dependable ice machines that are designed to output the right amount of ice. Waiting for your ice cube trays could cost you more money in the long run than leasing an ice machine.

Here are some of the many ways your cocktail experience can make you money:

Free Marketing

Social media has made a big impact on the restaurant industry. Most restaurants depend on reviews and recommendations from their current patrons. If your cocktails look beautiful, your customers will share pictures with their friends. Think of it as free publicity. From creating bespoke cocktails to the presentation of seafood, ice is considered a critical part of aesthetics. An old fashioned with crushed ice doesn’t look too visually appealing. 

Save Money on Cocktail Ingredients

Not every cocktail is filled to the brim. Some are perfectly proportioned but your patrons may think otherwise if you choose the wrong ice style. Old Fashioned’s look better in a smaller glass with a larger cube. Giving the illusion that there is more liquid in the glass. Certain ice machines can make your ice cubes for under 10 cents apiece when stores sell them for close to $3 a cube. Not only does filling an ice try requiring a lot of time and work, but they also don’t always look crystal clear like an ice machine can make.

Melting Rate Impacts Cocktail Sales

There is nothing worse than a hot day with a warm cocktail. Now that summer is around the corner there are many ways to help the melting rate of your ice, like getting the right style cube. Crushed ice is great for cocktails and drinks that are meant to be slushy and enjoyed at a quicker rate. Large squares and spheres are great for the cocktail that needs a slow melt rate while your guests sip less frequently. Avoid watering down your drinks and you will increase beverage consumption. Restaurants and bars may benefit more with slower melting cubes like sphere or 1-to-2-inch cubes.

Different Ice Types = Endless Cocktail Recipes

Variety is great for restaurants that have a large menu. Bloody Mary’s for your seafood pairs best with crescent cubes. Margarita’s pair great with crushed ice. For a low price, you could lease multiple types of ice equipment. Under counter ice makers can take up less room, dispense craft quality ice quicker, and more clear than traditional ice trays.