Burger King: Driving One Million Mobile Apps in Five Months

How can a restaurant drive one-million mobile app installations in five months?

Just ask Burger King.

A branded mobile app from Loyalty Plant helped Burger King Europe with its goals to grow and keep customers coming back. 

The formula for Burger King’s success includes:

The Right Features: Implement Key Mobile App Strategy with Features Restaurants Need

  • Point of Sale Integration 
  • Rich visuals for higher campaign redemption
  • Digital ordering capabilities 

Improved Mobile Strategy with Marketing Automation:A New White Label Mobile App Branded for Burger King

  • Putting the app into the hands of its customers creates “rich” Data for Burger King marketing to draw from for the most effective campaigns. 
  • Actionable customer analytics
  • Targeted marketing campaign
  • Smart ROI analysisLoyalty Plant BK

Proven Tactics for Incremental Sales Growth and Customer Engagement: Effectively promoting continued use of the mobile app

  • Referral installs from customer to customer (ave of 3 app installs per recommendation)
  • Organic installs from restaurant visitors 
  • Social promotion of the mobile app – drives +240,000 Facebook Likes 
  • Gamification:  Innovative games, “Secret Coupons” making it more desirable
  • Continually personalized content 

High Quality Marketing: A Superior Mobile App and Loyalty Mechanics

  • Apple and Android customers give the app a 4.6 rating — impressive industry high
  • 90,000 user reviews
  • Valuable points for users joining the social network