Building a Strategy of Trust and Safety in the Restaurant Industry Amid Covid-19

With health and safety on the forefront of everyone’s minds, restaurants need to build their strategies upon a foundation of trust and safety. To learn how you can adapt your strategy to account for difficulties and uncertainties in the current environment, read the tips below:

Maximizing Safety with Covid-19 Testing 

From beginning to end, the dining experience is filled with close in-person interactions. COVID-19 testing of employees can maximize safety at your restaurant and make guests feel more comfortable with their dining experience. 

Active virus testing is most commonly used on employees in the restaurant industry to determine if the employee has the virus and can potentially infect others. This test can be incorporated into a program that coordinates, administers, and oversees testing in a compliant manner. 

There are many Covid-19 testing options including at-home, in-person, and bulk testing. Additional on-site testing such as temperature checks and wellness questionnaires can be administered in combination with active virus testing. 

The Role of Identity Verification and Background Checks 

Identity verification and background checks can help establish and maintain a strong culture while contributing to building a foundation of trust and safety at your restaurant and throughout your business. These services help vet candidates and provide greater insight into their identities, histories, and qualifications. 

Identity verification leverages innovative mobile phone and backend technologies to guide candidates through a quick and easy verification process that typically takes just a few minutes to complete. It’s an important first step and helps ensure that candidates are, in fact, who they claim to be.

After you verify identity, background checks can help vet candidates by verifying work experience, qualifications, and uncovering possible criminal history. Background checks are an important final step in the recruiting and hiring process so you can gain confidence that the person joining your organization is the right fit. 

Moving Forward with a 'People First' Mentality

Restaurants are a people-oriented business. As the industry continues through this pandemic, initiatives such as COVID testing, background checks, identity verifications, and additional safety protocols will help put your most important asset, your people, first. This will help create an environment of trust and safety, as well as protect your customers, employees, and community. 

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