BBQ and Big Data (Podcast)

A helping of BBQ and big data are served up in this episode of The Main Course as host Barbara Castiglia of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine chats with Joe Tenczar, Chief Strategy Officer at Sonny’s BBQ. Tenczar is a tech and visionary expert helping the brand to evolve with technology. 

Tenczar also realizes that customer behavior changed, but the company is following that trend. “We’re an information company. We want to understand how people enjoy our products and their preferences.”

They use transactional and objective data to build the outline and insert more subjective information from surveys and guest interactions.

“Data analytics play a huge role in decision-making. They use Olo for online ordering, which allowed them to open up new channels and integrate with third-party delivery. The stores also adopted Wisely, a table management system, to safely manage dine-in activity. Both of these systems contribute to their big data picture.

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