Bake Me Home Tonight: Video Marketing for Restaurants

A smoke machine, a green screen, a pair of jean shorts and a complete lack of shame are the components of a video marketing campaign from Forno Bistro in Saratoga Springs,  New York. “Bake Me Home Tonight" parodies a classic from the 1980s, while promoting the restaurant's  make-your-own-pizza-at-home campaign. 

"One of the most effective methods of marketing and promotion, we are finding, is rich and creative video content," Bill Gathen, a Strategic Partner at bggCreative and consultant for DZ Restaurants, told Modern Restaurant Managment (MRM) magazine. "As a child of the 80’s I couldn’t resist the urge to pay homage to one of the giants, nay icons, of the 80s; Eddie Money. “Take Me Home Tonight” becomes “Bake Me Home Tonight” but that was just the beginning."

One of the most effective methods of marketing and promotion, we are finding, is rich and creative video content.

The team wanted to channel the spirit and absurdity of 80’s videos with a video of their own.

"First, I wrote the parody lyrics themed around the Bake Me Home Tonight pizza promotion," he said. "We then storyboarded the video using a number of pop culture and 80’s tropes including the Pulp Fiction-esque glow emanating from the Bake Me Home Tonight Box, the suggestion that the whole thing was just a dream, the background dancers in headbands and leotards, and at the end, of course, the wake-up shot with the carry-through totem that makes the protagonist question if the whole thing really was just a dream."

The audio track for the video was actually recorded separately in a home music studio. The marketing manager is also a videographer and music producer on the side.  Mike Ruggiero – served as videographer/editor, Eric Randazzo, sous chef added vocals and a beard, and Executive Chef Matt Richardson provided guitar and jean shorts. The team shot the video in about a two-hour period after service on a Saturday night.

"We also did a video last year in an effort to get Dave Matthews to attend a Dreaming Tree Wine Dinner we were hosting at one of our restaurants. Combined FB and Youtube was 30K views," said Gathen. "So far, we’ve not heard from Eddie Money or his management, but we anticipate a cease and desist any day now."