Are There Real Benefits of Online Ordering?

From McDonalds to small restaurants, more restaurants are taking advantage of online ordering. Easy and efficient for both the customer and the restaurant, online ordering is a tool that every restaurant should consider. 

Need proof? Here are the top eight benefits of online ordering: 

Almost Any Restaurant Can Benefit from Online Ordering  

Do you deliver? Great! Online ordering just streamlines that process. Pickups are also made easier through online ordering. Even sit-down restaurants can take advantage of online ordering to allow busy or travelling customers arrive when their food is ready, or as another stream of revenue when table space has been maxed out. 

Not to say that your restaurant won’t have to change at all to accommodate online ordering, but with little to no reworking, most restaurants can use online ordering to boost profits and expand their business. 

Online Ordering is More Common than Ordering Over the Phone 

In 2016, 6.6 percent of orders were placed online, while only five percent were placed verbally over telephone – and this trend is projected to continue. 

Online Ordering = More Accuracy = Happy Customers 

No more “I’m sorry, could you repeat that?”. Online records add an extra layer of accuracy to the ordering process, ensuring greater satisfaction among your customers. 


From meetings to crowded areas, there are times when you can’t make a phone call. Online ordering allows customers to order anytime, anywhere. 

Larger Orders  

When customers can browse the menu without feeling rushed by lines, and they don’t have to think about physically handing cash to someone, customers tend to purchase more. Researchers have even found that on average, orders are up to 26 percent larger when placed online. Now that’s profit!  

Create a Better Dine-In Experience 

Yup, you read that right. When there are less people dining in, employees can shift their attention to catering to their dine-in guests. And when in-restaurant service is faster, customers are happy. It’s a win-win!

Better Customer Data 

Who are your regular customers, and what are their ordering habits? When do they normally order? Which food items are most popular? Are they responding to your promotions? In-house solutions such as PAR’s Brink Online & Mobile Ordering system allow you to analyze these trends so you can customize your menu, prices, and promotions, as well as tailor the experience to the individual customer. 

Meet Customer Demand and Then Some 

Most people use the Internet – many are online for hours every day. By implementing an online ordering system, you’ll not only meet your customers where they are, but you’ll stand out as an innovative, cutting-edge business.