An Insider’s View of Event Planning (Infographic)

Are you planning an event? A few experienced event planners offer their insight into the industry trends. They discuss the ongoing popularity of conferences and trade shows, as well as the major concerns for corporate event planners in particular. It is interesting to note that the top priorities for those attending corporate events in 2018 were networking and learning. The majority of event planners were found to measure both event success and ROI on attendee satisfaction. With the end goal of increasing reachability, event planners are utilizing tools such as social media and email marketing to engage their audiences.

There is growing popularity in paid ads, email marketing, video marketing and even working with influencers when trying to increase reachability of events. Furthermore, more and more event planners are looking toward prioritizing experiential marketing. Finally, another major point of discussion amongst industry insight in the past year is how they select venues. While the majority choose to work with hotels, a large number of event planners opt for conference centres or unusual venues.