Advocating for Hospitality (Podcast)

In this episode of The Main Course, Michele Stumpe, Partner at Taylor English Duma LLP discusses hospitality litigation and liability amidst the pandemic. 

During COVID-19, Stumpe has found her focus shifted. Her clients needed her but for a new reason.

“I’ve been busier than ever but billed less than ever because so many of my clients are in a devastating situation,” she said. “I was helping them to understand the latest orders and actively working on their behalf with jurisdictions and the state on measures to benefit them.”

To do this, Stumpe sent out update emails and then devised a checklist for reopening to be compliant with Georgia laws. The state also required new training for restaurant employees. She worked with an organization to create a free training program. She even helped launch an app with a colleague that restaurant owners can use for a regular to-do list.

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