A Slice of America

Fantini's New Haven Style Apizza and its owner, Jimmy Fantin, will be featured in  "A Slice of America: Charred in the Florida Sun" premiering Thursday, July 11 at 7 pm at the Lyric Theatre in Stuart, FL.

Directed by Gorman Bechard, known for his acclaimed documentary "Pizza A Love Story," and hosted by pizza historian Colin M. Caplan, this film explores the rich history of New Haven-style pizza and Fantin's unwavering passion for perfection. Fantin's journey into the world of pizza began at age fifteen as a dishwasher at a renowned pizzeria in New Haven, Connecticut. His passion for apizza and dedication to his craft propelled him through the ranks, ultimately becoming a master pizza maker. In 2019, Fantin opened Fantini's New Haven Style Apizza, offering an authentic New Haven pizza experience meticulously crafted using the techniques he learned from the old-school pros in New Haven.

Jimmy Fantin

"Making apizza is a talent; it's a 'thing.' It's not a fast-food franchise; it's about creating a superior product and making memories for people," says Jimmy Fantin. "

The public is invited to the world premiere. Tickets can be purchased for $20 at lyrictheatre.com.