A Guide to Pairing BBQ with Beer and Wine (Infographic)

Choosing the right drink for your foods in itself is a cherished art and without guidance, you may match up the wrong foods and drinks which will not give you the best tastes that you should have.

Barbecues often come with a blend of spices, aromas, and some texture and often require that liquid power to balance things out from the tip of the tongue and down the throat. To many, water does an amazing job at that but thanks to the skillful vinters and beer makers who contribute to the overall flavor and taste of barbecues through their wide range of products.

The infographic  shares five main wines that are the standards for pairing BBQs. Every other type that falls in their category, is a safe pairing element. 

Beers may taste almost similar but vary in their outcomes especially when paired with different foods. Beer and food pairing is pretty tricky and the great trick for getting it right relies on your spicing.

When thinking of something heavier and carb loaded for a BBQ, beer is the right drink to consider and in this infographic, we match some kinds with the foods that work best with them.