7shifts Survey: What Makes Restaurant Employees Happy

The team at 7shifts just released a study regarding employee engagement in restaurants. Part of the company's mission is to improve happiness and efficiency in the workplace, and so they decided to figure out: does a happy workplace lead to an efficient restaurant? 

The study surveyed 1,900+ restaurant employees and covers what makes restaurant employees happy at work, what would increase their happiness, and what makes them quit. 

Among the findings:

  • More than 30 percent of restaurant employees reported a 9 or 10 on the happiness scale (out of 10)

  • Overall, restaurant employees rate their workplace happiness as an 8/10


  • Overall, employees rated their job roles and work tasks as a 4/ 5.  Fewer than five percent of employees reported that they were unhappy with their roles. 

Here's an interactive map that breaks down average restaurant employee happiness, wage, and age for each province.

What restaurant employees want to increase workplace happiness:

  • More than 60 percent of workers felt that a promotion would markedly increase their workplace happiness

  • 67 percent of restaurant employees would like to receive paid bonuses as recognition from management


  • 38 percent would like public judos from their superior

  • 70 percent of restaurant employees reported that they would like hands-on training from managers

  • 44 percent of restaurant employees felt that more face-time with management would improve their workplace happiness.

Statistics about restaurant turnover:

  • The biggest difference between employees likely to quit and those who will stay is the amount of training they receive


  • Employees who are going to quit within the year reported extreme dissatisfaction at the amount of team-building activities at work.

  • “At risk” employees are unhappy with their pay, reporting it makes them markedly unhappy at work

For the full report, click here.